Our team

Building trust with every project Meet the team behind Dunhill's success

The Dunhill team believes that trust is an essential component of any successful partnership. With a focus on delivering unparalleled quality and service, our team has established a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

  • Aaron Polatsek

  • Ron Biran

  • Annie Shin

  • Abraham Polatsek

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  • Vince Diaz

  • Johnny Roberts

  • Joseph Prendki

  • Jay Van Kessel

  • We believe that effective communication and collaboration is the key to a smooth process and overall positive client experience.
  • Alexandra Ledesma

  • Royce Neyland

  • Gregory Bertrand

  • Judy Pfeffer

  • Ester Yeh

  • Supriya Sharma

  • Sharonica Thomas

  • Valeria Barboza

  • Madison Tuller

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  • Rebeca Cazares

  • Lisa Evans

  • Alexandra Phan

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  • Gabriel Lizalde

  • Leo DeForest

  • Bryan Tatarski

  • Robert Golden

  • Dominic Nunciato

  • Doyle Golden

  • Hunter Hall

  • Matthew Fazzino